About Us

Barista Roku (BR) is an event administration organization signed up in USA, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Specialized Coffee Association (SCA).
WCE is the premier manufacturer of events for the coffee neighborhood worldwide.

Each year there is a world barista championship on who can create the best coffee in the world. this competition hosts people from all over the world competition in front of judges for to make the best tasting coffee

Our goal is to create occasions that involve the specialized coffee community as well as promote coffee quality.

The current portfolio entails the 7 yearly Globe Coffee Championships (WCC); the Globe Barista Champion, World Cup Tasters Championship, World Cappucino Art Champion, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, Cezve/Ibrik Champion, and also the Globe Makers Mug; neighborhood events, such as the All-Stars program; as well as reveal attributes such as the WCC Espresso and also Brew Bars.